Segment strategy

The core of our marketing strategy to be employed is marketing segmentation which requires that the total market is divided into two distinctive groups such as the consumer segment and the business segment. After the division, each of these two markets will demand different marketing programmes and strategies to serve the markets.

In order to serve the market effectively we will employ the following target market segment strategy.

a. Consumer Segment
This segment will consist of the following:
Individual users-this group is made up of people who buy and use gari and related products for their individual consumption, such as households, families, and the general public. These groups demand a significant proportion of gari and related products and also consider gari as an important food item. With this customer group we will use quality of service and good customer communication to win their business and maintain their longer term preference and business.
The local community
This community considers the areas in which the cassava processing factory is situated. Their interest should be identified and addressed; with this group, management should use lobbying, collaboration, participating in local events to win their support.

b. Business Segment
We will also address the requirements of business sector by identifying the following groups:
Hotels– there are several hotels across the country with restaurant and bars. They demand high volume of food products for their food preparations on regular basis. These hotels include both local and international ones such as Holiday inn, Golden Tulip, Movenpik hotel just to mention a few.
School and colleges- the educational institutions also demand high volumes of gari and related products. Gari is one of the main food items for majority of students in Ghana. We will reach out to this group through direct and door to door delivery, flexible payment terms and good customer service.
Hospitals- there are also many health services provided all over the country with canteen facilities, they also prepare food and buy gari in large quantities hence they are also a good market to serve.
Charity organisations-there are many vulnerable homes across the country, these group also demand gari for their daily food. We will support some of these groups with some gari sponsorship so as to break through that market.  

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