Products and services

Fama Ventures will supply a variety of cassava flour and related products that will satisfy the different needs of the broad Ghanaian food market, making it easier for students, restaurants, families, businessmen, government and the general public to have access to low cost cassava flour and related products.

We will put in place innovative and aggressive marketing oriented strategies directed at providing and delivering safe, reliable, efficient, effective and low cost cassava flour products to the general public. Fama Ventures  will offer a complete range of cassava products  such as;  Gari, cassava starch, dry cassava ships, cassava bread, panadebono, pandeyuca, citric acid from cassava, ethanol from cassava and many more. We anticipate that these ranges of cassava products will give our customers and the general public a one stop shop for all cassava products.

The key to our success will largely depend on ability to pay close attention to the following elements which we think will give us competitive advantage over competitors. We will pay attention to:
– Efficient customer service culture
– Quality products and services
– Innovative marketing activities
– Door to door delivery
– Professionalism

Fama Ventures will apply dynamic and aggressive marketing activities that will offer our clients and customers high level of services across all the business units.

Fama Ventures will employ the latest technology to process and distribute finished cassava products. We will invest in machines such as cassava starch processing machine, cassava flour processing machine and gari processing machine. We will continue to monitor trends in the technology environment and adapt to the latest trends so that product will meet the quality levels customers are expecting.

We believe that the business environment is more dynamic and will require that Fama Ventures undertake marketing research work that will identify new ways of using cassava to produce different products onto the market. In the future our focus will be on producing cassava cakes, dry cassava ships, cassava bread, panadebono, pandeyuca, citric acid from cassava, and Ethanol from cassava.

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