Buying patterns

Cassava is processed in almost all the ten regions of Ghana but Brong Ahafo and Ashanti and Volta Regions of Ghana dominate in terms of volumes. Cassava is processed by small to medium size businesses and in some communities it is done by women and families. Even though many women across the country are directly involved with the processing of cassava, it is still considered by many Ghanaians as the food for the poor.

Cassava products are bought by different customer groups including manufactures of beer, pharmaceutical firm, restaurants, schools and colleges and the general public.

Our reward is not “transaction-based”, so we can maintain genuine objectivity in our client’s long-term interest. In negotiating and carrying out an engagement for a client, we participate fully in the client’s corporate thinking, and take into account not just the immediate value and impact of the project, but its context and implications over a longer period of time.

We will operate on the following principles to set us apart from our competitors:
– Efficient customer service culture
– Quality products and services
– Innovative marketing activities
– Door to door delivery.
– Professionalism




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