Marketing and promotion

Considering the current developments and nature of the cassava processing business in Ghana, it will be appropriate for Fama Ventures to employ customer relationship management strategy:

a. Customer relationship management
This strategy requires that Fama Ventures will need to build a strong and mutual relationship with the target market and other stakeholders in the industry so as to establish trust, loyalty, and mutual benefit with all the parties by initiating and implementing the following activities:

1. Quality- management must adopt the concept of total quality management as the business principle and ensure that it becomes an organisational culture.  Only quality gari and related cassava products are offered onto the market.

 2. Regular Contact- management must maintain regular contact with key clients through Telephone calls, email, among others so that they collaborate with clients to achieve future business.

3. Complaint- management must pay attention to complaint structures and ensure that the systems are working effectively. Most importantly management establish complaint unit, hotlines, toll free lines, suggestion boxes, and many more. An officer must be made to Handle and deal with all complaint promptly.

4. Win-win approach-Top executives and those in charge of complaint handling must make sure that both the client and the company are satisfied from the complaint that has been resolved. Management must ensure win-win approach rather than win-lose approach.

5. Supply Availability– Establish a culture of supply reliability at all time so that customers will be assured of continuous and availability of gari and related products every time and period.

6. Special Gifts – top management must ensure that a comprehensive data base of all clients especially the major corporate once are kept. During Anniversary and special occasions gifts should be sent to them to help build a better relationship.

Considering the cassava processing business in Ghana, and the objectives of management, it will be more appropriate to associate Fama Ventures to the following five brand elements:
1. Quality
2. Taste
3. Efficiency
4. Cost
5. Innovation

We will take the following pricing measures to enable us penetrate this competitive cassava processing business.
– Charge lower prices than competitors
– Give credit to corporate clients that buys in bulk.
– Give flexible payment terms to corporate clients to pay at the end of    the month.
– Charge competitive prices to conform to the norm and the prevailing competition in the industry

To promote and build a credible identity of Fama Ventures we will undertake the following promotional activities to promote it activities:
1. Printing of fliers
2. Printing of banners
3. Sign board at strategic areas.
4. Sponsorship of orphanage homes.







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