Sales strategy

In order to get our products to the customers at the right time and place, we will put in place the under listed strategies:
1. door to door delivery to customers
2. Employ salesmen and assign specific customer groups to them, such as; salesmen responsible for schools.
3. Direct sales activities identifying prospective customers in strategic areas.
4. Collaboration with market women associations to promote and sell the products.

We anticipate that demand for the first year of operation will be 2000 bags. This projection is based on our target market specification. We are going to focus more on the schools and colleges in the country starting from the central and western regions. We will begin from those two regions because they are close to where the factory will be situated and gradually move to other regions.

We will for a start employ a sales head, and two sale men to be responsible for Central and Western regions. They will be give sales target to achieve which will be the basis on which they will be paid. We will put in place both fixed salary and commission as the incentive package to make the sales team work to the best of their ability.

Fama Ventures will need to build strategic partnerships with key partners such as:
1.famer associations
2. School and colleges
3. The local community
4. Traders associations



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