We will set up strategic departments to carry out specific functions. Notably among them include:
Finance, marketing, human resource, procurement, and operations, we will also employ competent and experience personnel to head the various departments and will be supported by committed and highly motivated staff.
The founder(s) will play active roles in the day-to-day administration of the organisation.
Fatima Ewudzie is the founder of Fama Ventures; Mrs. Ewudzie has worked as social worker and has supported many vulnerable women and children in the central and western regions. She holds a first degree in Education from the University of Cape Coast. She has vast years of experience in the field of social work which will be an advantage in managing Fama Ventures

The founder will play the following roles and more:
1. Planning for the entire operation
2. Recruiting and selecting the right applicants for the various jobs
3. Promoting and selling the products and services of the organization
4. Providing the right funding for the company
5. Selecting and appointing the advisors
6. Ensuring that proper records are kept for all transactions

Every year the top executives will assess the performance of each department and individuals so as to initiate corrective measures and to reward hardworking staff.  The assessment will also form the basis for promotions and given other incentives to staff.

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