Business plan, summary

 Executive Summary
Fama Ventures is a newly established business entity that will engage in the business of processing, wholesaling and retailing of high quality premium Gari onto the Ghanaian market and beyond.

The Ghanaian Economy have seen rapid growth in business and investment activities over the past twenty five (25) years and continue to expand due to the discovery of high quality premium oil and gas in commercial quantities as well as successive governments policies of promoting business growth.

In view of these developments and many more, there is a high demand for food and related products. The world population is growing at an explosive rate and so is the Ghanaian population. Furthermore Gari is fast becoming one of the major food products for Ghanaians and in particular for students of all the levels of education in Ghana and other West African countries.

The food industry in Ghana is also growing, hence the need to demand a range of food products including Gari.

Our market research conducted indicates that the food industry in Ghana is estimated to wealth over six ($6 b) billion united state dollars annually and the sector continuous to show significant growth, making the sector more profitable in the short, medium and long terms.

The sector is very viable and has attracted both local and international operators. The viability of the sector coupled with growing human population in Ghana and low level of customer service by current suppliers creates opportunity for Fama Ventures to enter into the industry with superior customer service culture and high quality Gari products to compete for greater share of the market.

The corporate strategy of Fama Ventures will be built around four main values; quality, customer service, innovation and professionalism.  We will focus on employing the best qualified workers and provide them with needed training and development needs in the area of customer relationship management. We will establish and maintain innovative marketing management team supported by a professional marketing consultancy firm to plan, implement and control results oriented marketing programmes for the company.

Fatima Ewudzie is the founder of Fama Ventures; Mrs. Ewudzie has worked as social worker and has supported many vulnerable women and children in the central and western regions. She holds a first degree in Education from the University of Cape Coast. She has vast years of experience in the field of social work which will be an advantage in managing Fama Ventures.

Sadique Saeed is a director of Fama Ventures. Mr. Sadique is a Graduate from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and University of Cape Coast. He has Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration. He has over three years’ working experience with the National Commission for Civic Education as accountant.

Taking into account the size, wealth and the viability of the food industry in Ghana, we will need 13.400,00 (thirteen thousand four hundred) Ghana cedis to setup one state of the art Gari processing operating unit. The founder and the director have identified strategic area where the plant will be situated.

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